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[Office用アプリ]開発ツール「Napa」のインストール方法」で紹介しているOffice 用アプリの開発ツール「Napa」のショートカットキーをまとめてみました。
2014/3/7 時点では、下記の通りglobal commandsが26個、editor commandsが31個ありますが最低限「Ctrl+Space」「Ctrl+.」あたりを覚えておけば良いかと思います。

  Command Shortcut Keys 1 Shortcut Keys 2
global commands Close notification messages Escape  
Cycle between visible editors Ctrl+`  
Find in editor Ctrl+F  
Go to line Ctrl+L  
Go to symbol Ctrl+G Ctrl+Shift+O
Navigate back in editor history Ctrl+Q  
Navigate to left hand editor Ctrl+1  
Navigate to next editor on the left Ctrl+Alt+LeftArrow  
Navigate to next editor on the right Ctrl+Alt+RightArrow  
Navigate to right hand editor Ctrl+3  
Navigate to side editor Ctrl+2  
Open in Visual Studio    
Properties Ctrl+Shift+Q  
Quick open Ctrl+E Ctrl+O
Replace in editor Ctrl+H  
Retract App    
Run Project    
Select all in editor Ctrl+A  
Share Project    
Show all commands    
Show and trigger commands F1  
Show ‘Explorer’ viewlet Ctrl+Shift+E  
Show ‘Search’ viewlet Ctrl+Shift+F  
Split editor Ctrl+\  
Toggle sidebar visibility Ctrl+F11  
editor commands Change all occurrences Ctrl+Alt+B Ctrl+F2
Copy line down Shift+Alt+DownArrow  
Copy line up Shift+Alt+UpArrow  
Delete line Ctrl+D Shift+Delete
Expand select Shift+Alt+RightArrow  
Find Ctrl+F Ctrl+F3
Find all references Shift+F12  
Find next F3  
Find previous Shift+F3  
Format code Ctrl+Alt+F  
Go to bracket Ctrl+Alt+]  
Go to definition Ctrl+F12  
Go to next marker Ctrl+,  
Go to previous marker Ctrl+Shift+,  
Go to type Ctrl+Shift+F12  
Insert block comment Shift+Alt+A  
Insert line comment Ctrl+/ Ctrl+7
Move line down Alt+DownArrow  
Move line up Alt+UpArrow  
Peek definition Alt+F12  
Rename symbol F2 Ctrl+B
Replace Ctrl+H  
Replace all instances    
Replace this instance    
Replace with next value Ctrl+DownArrow  
Replace with previous value Ctrl+UpArrow  
Show editor context menu Ctrl+.  
Shrink select Shift+Alt+LeftArrow  
Toggle use of tab key for setting focus Ctrl+M  
Trigger parameter hints    
Trigger suggest Ctrl+Space  

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